My name is Jája and I am a Dreamer.

This blog was created like a travel blog. I had a plan to share here my travel experiences, mainly with family and friends who ask me all the time “how was your trip?” I had a dream many years ago, to travel around the world and find something new which could help me to move on and open my eyes.


I started working a lot and saving money for traveling.

I created this blog and I wrote two articles about travel to Nepal.
I started preparing new articles about Kazakhstan and other countries which I have visited. I also started sharing pictures and my experiences on social networks. Though I put a lot of effort to do it, I didn’t feel any satisfaction. What was worse, I felt that this is not the way how I would like to do it and for sure it is not the true me.

Although I do love traveling, I realized that being a digital nomad and traveling from one country to other with a 30 kg backpack would not make me happy and satisfied, for sure. I realized I don’t dream about short-term friendships, about recommendations of local food or fancy style accommodation.

I realized there are days when I don’t want to make a solution where I will sleep, how long I can stay and if I have enough money or not.

I understand now that I need my own small place, where I will feel safe. That I need a place where I can keep calm and start to do things which I love. Creating new things and do my hobbies which satisfy me, like photographing

And when I realized all these things, my new project of writing a travel blog fell down.


However, then I made a great life change and I moved to Australia.

After a few days when I started to live on the other side of the world, and when I felt quite in shock, I decided to write a blog no matter what. For my family, for my friends, or for anyone who would like to move abroad but doesn’t feel it’s the right moment, or just for people who are interested how it is to be Czech living in the Land Down Under.

So you will find here articles about what I am doing, feeling, what I like, what motivates me and inspires me. Articles about what it is like living overseas, specifically in Australia.

I hope that my articles will inspire you and motivate you to start something new. Or just support and show you that you are not alone and it is quite normal to feel sometimes down and also that normal days can be actually very nice 🙂

And because I desperately need to improve my written English, I decided to write everything in Czech and also in English (so be please patient with my mistakes, this is part of my journey 🙂

I will be very glad when you will write me an email, or a message on Instagram or just leave a comment.

– with love Jája –