GIF explanation – my happy dance after 45 minutes ride in the jungle (with buffalos. I didn’t know that in that time) with a huge and heavy plywood on my back which I got from one nice block.

I was always the person who preferred to give a present than to get one. I liked to think for weeks about the idea and how could I make the person happy. The most exciting part for me was the possibility of creating something as a gift. Well, I am naturally a creative person.

However, the truth is that it is so hard to find something for some people on their birthday.

For sure you know these types of people, who tell you that they don’t want anything. When you finally find something and you think it is perfect then their reaction speaks for them. “Thanks, it is nice.” No emotion, no happiness.

Unfortunately my Tim is one of these people…

So his birthday was coming up and I was of course under stress, same as last year. In response to the question “Is there anything what would you wish?”, I got the expected answer “No.”

If I would live in some city I could do it lazily and just go to the shopping mall (even though I don’t like it) and I could just buy something. However, the problem is that the closest shopping mall from my house is 3 hours there and another 3 hours to get back.

Sure, you can order everything online. We live in the 21st century and online shopping is popular. However, with this possibility comes another twist, everything is delivered here in 2-3 weeks. 

Life in the middle of a National park can be hard.

For that reason I ordered something months ago, however I still wasn’t satisfied. I had a feeling it was not that good and it was not really that thoughtful and required little effort.

And then the idea came.

Thanks to my nephew Tim started to be obsessed with universe and galaxies. The obsession started to be so big that he evert night watches documentaries about it and he knows a lot. The end is coming btw.

And because he also likes stingrays, I decided to cut a stingray from wood and on the top paint of it paint a galaxy.

I know, it sounds quite weird…

Everything started with trying to find a piece of wood. Well, I cant explain how many awkward situations I had. For example, when one of my friends offered me a piece of plywood, I just said it was nice of him but it was not thick enough. His cheeky answer came straight away: “I am sorry Jaja that my wood is not thick enough for you.” I felt so embarrassed. However, after two weeks I found my wood and it was thick enough for me.

Wooden stingray

Another week I spent trying to find the right colours and different things for painting. Then I had just one week for cutting and painting. The cutting is a chapter in and of itself. I was very scared. Well, to be honest it is very easy to cut your fingers, it doesn’t take a long time. Fortunately, I still have 10 fingers on my hands!

It maybe seemed to be impossible but I really made the stingray with a galaxy.
Galaxy stingray 🙂

Tim was melted and it got him. The truth is that it got also me and I really enjoyed it, so much that I lost my sense of time. The gift is unique and from my heart. 

When I was thinking later about Tim’s reaction and about the whole process, I realized one thing.

We should start to create more.

I think that you don’t have to be an educated artist or call yourself an artist. Everybody is able to create something, so we are all artists. The only thing is to have an idea and be able to spend your time, your effort and patience on something, when you don’t know what kind of result will you get. 

Believe me, it will be great. And even if it won’t be the most perfect thing for you, the person who will get it, will be for sure very happy and touched.

So do away with your laziness and fear. Begin to create more. More painting, drawing, sewing, knitting, creating or anything which involves manual work and gives space to your creativity.

Not just because manual work is so important for our mental health but also because all of us have some potential and would it be silly to not use it for something beautiful. 🙂