A few days ago we had here in Kakadu National Park water buffalos, actually close to a trail where I ride every day on my bicycle to work. Although the buffalos were “moved” after one week, a new information sign was put on that road, probably just in case.

Since that time every morning, I imagine, when I am riding 7km to work, what I would do if I encountered a buffalo. No seriously, what would be better? To lie down on the ground, or to climb a tree? Btw I can hardly imagine it.

Water buffalo
The recommendation from the rangers reads:”Don’t provoke them.” 


Thanks to this case of buffalos I created wild scenarios in my head. So wild that yesterday morning I took off my bright pink t-shirt after few seconds and tried to find a new colour. What if it would provoke them? You know, pink is really close to red.

Classic imagination
The pink T-shirt was changed for a black one and I was satisfied, for a while.

However, in the middle of my ride, I realised one thing. “Shit, in that black t-shirt with black shorts, moving fast on a bicycle, I actually look also like a water buffalo.

What now??”

Are buffalos colourblind? 😀