Hard times came and I don’t have long hair anymore.

We desperately needed money, so I cut it and sold it for hairpieces.

I am joking of course. But the cut did happen for a different reason.

I had beautiful long hair. It was in great condition and very thick, hair like that which every woman dreams about. Everybody told me that it is perfect and everybody was impressed….except me.

Sometimes women stopped me in the street and asked me which shampoo I use, what I eat and if it is real. My answer was simple…. “Genetics”. A few people in my family have this hair. It is part of our heritage which you get and should wear with pride.

However, the truth is, that people who don’t have this hair have no idea how big of a deal it is. It takes a lots of effort to “wear” it.

So what are the problems with having long thick hair?

First is the weight. It might look fine, but this hair can weigh almost 2 kg which is a lot. It doesn’t matter if you have braids, a bun, a ponytail or just simple straight hair, your neck will still be in a pain.

Second problem is related to thickness. You can meet lots of girls/women with long hair but they still don’t have much hair, so then it is not as big of a deal for them. However ,it wasn’t my case.

I have very very thick hair which means that shampoo sticks inside and it takes like 30 minutes to wash it. No chance to try apply shampoo twice.

At the beginning I thought that it was because of my own limitations but fortunately every hairdresser who had to wash my hair said it is a very hard job.

When you finally finish the washing, there is another problem – drying. If I don’t count two hairdressers who were great, nobody has ever been able to dry my hair properly. For the two women who were able to do it, it took them like 45 minutes. So you can imagine how `amazing` it is to do it by yourself at home. It is a two hour operation. 

However, I was able to handle it for all of my years and keep it because my family and friends told me all the time that I can’t cut it because it would be a shame. 

There were times when I was satisfied with it and times when I was angry about it.

The main change happened when I moved to Australia. During the first weeks in Melbourne it was ok. I mean ok, till we went to run or exercise. The big problem happened when I started dry my hair. When I finally finished I was all sweaty again.

After that I said to T. without any hesitation: “We have to find some good hairdresser. Now.” And I had to look very desperate and angry because it was the first time he didn’t try to change my mind and simply said `OK` with a smile. Instead of promising to brush it which he did a couple of times.

The unfortunate truth is that services are very very expensive in Australia. To go to a massage, manicure or depilation is not really possible with an average salary. 

It took some time to find a good hairdresser for a good price. To be honest, my vision was to cut 35 cm at least. In this case you want to look great and not leave the salon with a pot on your head. 

It reminded me of when I was 16 years old and I had a very strong connection to punk music. I cut my in a punk style. After one week when my parents found it, I had to cut it again and I finished with 10 cm long hair. 

However I was lucky and found a great salon. The owner who cut my hair told me it is a great decision and I left 1kg lighter and satisfied but still not 100% sure. 

The biggest happiness came when I arrived in Darwin.

Although the temperature is only 31 degree in NT, thanks to strong humidity (around 85%) and it being a tropical area, you feel like your in 40 degrees. This brings the reality which means that every physical activity (like running, walking, gardening) is very exhausting. 

And whats more, you sweat a lot. When I am writing `a lot`, I mean it like, it literally flows like water from your body. This is never happened to me before. Even when I used to do bikram yoga in Prague and I guarantee that was pretty hard. 

Thanks to this fact I realise cutting my hair was a great decision.

So here is a recommendation for everybody with long hair, thick hair, or dreaded hair. Don’t hesitate and cut it.

At first you will save a lots of money (if you will do it out of Australia) and for second you will thank me because after few hours in the Northern Territory you will understand exactly what I am talking about. 

This is the final haircut.

I think it could be 10 cm shorter. Well maybe next time 🙂