It seems unbelievable, how easily your life can change. Be careful what you wish for. Such good advice for life.

I wished and I dreamed for years about the day when I would finally pack a few of my things (meaning 50kg) and move somewhere (hopefully to Australia) and try to live in a different country for awhile.

So it suddenly happened and I am on the other side of the world in the middle of nowhere. And when I am writing in the middle of nowhere, I mean it literally.

Living in Australia? Most of the people imagine clean fancy cities like Sydney or Melbourne, with thousands of cafes and offices, crowds of people from the whole world, impressive beaches, surfers with six packs, avocado toast on Sunday brunch with the best view of the ocean. And yeah, it is like this or can be.

But this is not my case

After 28 years of living in Prague (with few pauses) I knew that I desperately needed a break from a big city, traffic jams, overcrowded streets, ambitious people living for luxury labels and spending time in fancy cafes and restaurants.

I don’t think this is the wrong type of living, but it is more about your personality. If you are this type of person, for sure you will be happy to live life like that. However, you can be the opposite and then you might feel uncomfortable, lonely, lost or just know that this is not the right way for you.

Destiny made my wish come true, although in a more extreme way than I expected. In the beginning, I was looking for a small city to live, maybe in an apartment in a calm area in Australia, for example in Cairns.

From the idea of living in a small city, I ended up in a small village. Maybe “village” is too big a word for this place.

So I am sitting here in the middle of a National Park that is 20.000 km² (not kidding), in my tiny house. I am listening to Nick Saxon and the fans are spinning at maximum speed. It is cloudy outside but the temperature is still around 33 degrees with strong humidity of around 82%. We are in wet season, which means that it rains heavily several times throughout the day. However thanks to this heavy rain everything is starting to grow after a few months of sleep (dry season).

Nature didn’t hold back on the shades of green. So much beauty around.

For local people, this nature is not that impressive while for me it is all new and interesting. After every walk, I am surer that I am living in the most magical place in the world. T. laughs me every time when I say this fact and he says with tricky smile: “Wait for the dry season when we will start camping.”

It is not a coincidence that this park has been part of the list of UNESCO World Heritage for over 30 years. It means that you can expect to see many pictures of nature, from unique and magnificent places during the next few months, when the main roads will be opened.

And I hope that the pictures will be worth it 🙂

The most interesting experience from yesterday.

I saw a big parrot-like bird called a Cockatoo. When I saw him, I made the face of a three year old kid under a Christmas tree.

The funny thing is, I saw this bird years ago in Prague ZOO and my reaction was: “Yeah, nice.”

Free nature is free nature.

This place, where I live, is full of thousands of these birds. So it is probably not strange when I wake up and one of them is sitting on a bush (2m from a window) curiously staring at me. And I am glad that I can be here.

PS: Because this article might sound too positive, here is another part of my reality. Today I tried to bake here again for the four-time and again I screwed it up. The main reason is flour. In Australia, there is different flour and it works in a different way than what I was used to in the Czech Republic. To elaborate, it doesn’t keep together and even if you follow the recipe usually you end up with more food than you intended.

Anyway, wish me luck to solve this, because it is actually a huge problem for me as an ex home-baker. If any of you have any experiences with baking in Australia, I will be very glad for your tips and advice 🙂