Having a birthday 8 days before Christmas is not hitting the jackpot. Everybody born around Christmas, will agree with me, that they have had to share at least one gift.

“This is for your Birthday and Christmas together.”

Usually when you are a kid, you are pretty sad because of this. But after years, when you grow up, you don’t care that much.

What happens is that you realise that the most important thing is not that you have a birthday but that someone will remember it. You realise that the most important thing is the effort that someone makes to try and make you happy. And this fact actually makes you happier than receiving a gift for thousands of dollars.

So last year in December (close to Christmas) my birthday was coming and T. was nervous and he told me all the time that he has some special gift for me. I knew that he would come to the Czech Republic on my B-day but I hadn’t any idea what he had for me.

His gift was kind of special and big, so it wasn’t possible to bring it to my country. So he decided to show me it a few days before he came. We had a videocall. Well that was actually our relationship for year. One year living on WhatsApp.

Sometimes I felt like I am dating with a phone. Sometimes I felt like I was loosing control of reality. But if you believe then anything is possible. No matter the distance, nor the 16.000 km.

16.000 km
However it can be really difficult 🙂

T. said: “Now close your eyes.” I listened, closed my eyes and heard furniture moving. And when he said: “You can open your eyes” he was sitting up straight and the camera was on a slight upward angle. All of a sudden, without seeing his fingers or body, I heard the classic notes to the “Happy Birthday” song.


To be honest, I was melted. The main reason was probably the fact that I finally have someone in my life (except my family) who really cares and who wants to make me really happy no matter what.

That is exactly the thing which we are craving.

When I came to my new home, the first thing I did (after cleaning of course) was playing piano. The melody from Amelie from Montmartre was floating throughout the jungle. Birds and beetles came. Maybe it happened thanks to this magic moment. Maybe it happened because they had never heard something like this before. I continued playing with a smile on my face and my audience started to help me by creating new tones.

You would’ve had to be here to understand this special moment. I felt like I was in the most beautiful dream…

Now I am here more than a month and every free moment, when I come home tired from work, I sit by the black and white keys creating a melody. I create my story thanks to music. The story makes me happy. I create melodies, which help me in hard times, because it is unbelievable but living in Australia it is not as easy as people think. However, I am thankful every day for this special gift.

Isn’t it interesting how one gift can change your life?

PS: Don’t worry, the article about life, about positives and negatives of living in Australia, will be soon. When I will have more experiences 🙂